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“Best Thai massage & great value .”

Professional lady masseuse who knew what she was doing with great awareness of muscle, perfect pressure and really worked hard to get rid of knots! Highly recommend. Great value too.

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Thai Touch massage foot massage

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries to promote health and well-being. Today, massage is considered a complementary and alternative medicine used by millions to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries and boost general health and energy. Massaging the feet can alleviate anxiety and bring about a deep state of relaxation. One important point that is situated on both feet is the solar plexus reflex. The solar plexus is sort of a little warehouse where all your stress is stored. When the solar plexus point is pressed all the stress is released and the body is renewed. Because feet are like the hub of nerves in our body. Using fingers or other tools to press the nerves and stimulate through massage, foot and ankle as well as back of the feet will help balancing the body system.

15 min = 13,27 € (100,00 kn), 30 min = 25,22 € (190,00 kn), 60 min = 39,82 € (300 kn)


Thai Touch massage face scrub

Our face scrub contains only natural products. You have the possibility to choose between sugar scrub and coffee face scrub. The face scrub helps the skin in many ways like improving skin tone and texture, unclogs pores, helps fade spots and scars, helps your skin care absorb faster and helps fight signs of ageing.

30 min =  25,22 € (190 kn)


Thai Touch massage face massage
Facial massage helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look fresh and feel better and boost your face muscles. The results of a good facial massage are a reduction in puffiness, an uplift in the firmness of the skin.

30 min = 25,22 € (190 kn)


Thai Touch massage face mask

Face mask is a skin care vehicle. It delivers highly concentrated actives, vitamins and nutrients to the skin to improve its overall health. Face masks create a physical barrier that locks in beneficial ingredients, allowing the skin to absorb more efficiently and are designed to give your skin an instant boost.

30 min = 25,22 € (190 kn)


Thai Touch face scrub, mask and massage

This is a combination with all 3 skin care routines to give a complete glow and healing of the skin.

60 min = 39,82 € (300 kn)


Thai Touch massage relax massage

A Thai massage which help relaxing certain areas, such as hands, shoulders, neck and head. This massage helps to relax from stress, fatigue, headache and tense nerves.

15 min = 13,27 € (100,00 kn), 30 min = 25,22 € (190,00 kn)


Thai Touch back massage

Focusing on the tiredness of the back after a long day at work or sitting in the same position for a long
period of time. With a traditional Thai balm and oil being used in this type of massage will help healing
and relief muscle tightness and release the stress of a rough day.

30 min = 31,85 € (240 kn), 60 min = 39,82 € (300 kn)


Thai Touch massage thai massage

Thai yoga massage, also simply called Thai massage, is a 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic-based body science developed and popularized by Buddha’s doctor, Jivaka Jumar Bhaccha. The philosophy behind Thai massage techniques focuses on energy points called “sen”. As the Thai massage therapist stretches the participant, she also presses and massageds along the sen lines or points.A traditonal Thai massage which applies to the whole body, using a special technique and focusing on relaxing nerves and relief muscle pain. Also help improve blood circulation.


60 min = 46,45 € (350 kn), 90 min = 59,73 € (450 kn), 120 min = 73,00 € (550 kn)


Thai Touch massage thai oil massage

A whole body massage using oil with tiger balm. Not only it helps relieve muscles pain, but also help rejuvenating, and moisturizing the skin it helps relax the body and stimulate the pressure points.  After a massage, you will feel relaxing and your skin will be smooth and moist giving a healthy look of the skin.

60 min = 53,09 € (400 kn), 90 min = 66,36 € (500 kn), 120 min = 79,63 € (600 kn)


Thai Touch massage aroma therapy

Aromatherapy massage is a massage therapy but with highly concentrated plant oils, called essential oil, added to the massage oil or lotion. The nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones. When you inhale essential oil molecules, messages are transmitted to the limbic system and affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system. A whole body massage using an aromatic oil which will make you relax and enjoy. Also helps improve blood circulation through the body.

60 min = 53,09 € (400 kn), 90 min = 66,36 € (500 kn), 120 min = 79,63 € (600 kn)


Thai Touch massage coconut massage

Coconut oil has great anti-microbial properties. So when coconut oil is applied on skin it helps skin get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus which breed on it. Thus saving body from infectious diseases. Vitamin E in coconut oil is well known to nourish skin and make it smoother and softer. Ageing makes skin cell lose their flexibility, softness and colour. Coconut oil is helpful in making skin look younger. Along with vitamins present in it, its anti-oxidant effect also plays and important part in this process. A whole body massage using a coconut oil. Coconut oil is bio and natural extracted from nature. Today, oil has been used as part of the main ingredients of cosmetics. Massage with coconut oil, making skin look healthy, soft, and moist.

60 min = 56,41 € (425kn), 90 min = 69,68 € (525 kn), 120 min = 82,95 € (625 kn)


Thai Touch massage aloe vera massage

For many centuries, Aloe Vera has been used in many countries. This has many healing properties and is one of the best medicinal plants as it cures many ailments and health disorders. Aloe Vera gives a good effect when used on sunburn and household skin burns. This will smoothe and regenerate the skin, giving it a natural cooling effect. This is also a great natural remedy to cure allergies, insect bites, irritation, itching, and swelling. Increasing age and toxic pollution around us, resulting in dull skin. Lack of moisture, dryness and wrinkles. For the massage we use fresh aloe vera from out garden. That is because this massage is available only in summer when the plant is growing.

60 min = 56,41 € (425kn), 90 min = 69,68 € (525 kn), 120 min = 82,95 € (625 kn)

13. Royal Massage (Thai + Thai Herb + Oil)

Thai Touch massage royal massage

It is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. A whole body massage using a very unique technique of a hot herbal pouch and carefully place on the body. Then finishing with an aroma oil to help healing the stressed and painful muscles and tired body and joints. Help improving the blood circulation with s little bit of stretching at the end of the massage.

90 min = 73,00 € (550,00 kn), 120 min = 86,27 €  (650,00 kn)

14. BACK ROYAL Massage

Thai Touch massage royal massage

One of the most common and beneficial parts of the body for massage is the back, since the nerves run through the spine. A good back massage can help relieve lower back pain. After a strenuous workout or sitting at a desk all day, your back muscles are likely to be tense from overuse or repetitive use. Repetitive motion or immobility may cause neck and shoulders pain. An upper back massage may help relieve the tension in that area and reduce the pain from migraines. A back massage stimulates the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, chemicals that make the body feel good, it relaxes the larger muscles and relieves tension and allows you to have full sleep cycles necessary for optimum performance and good health resulting with a good day consequence.

60 min = 53,09 €  (400,00 kn)


Thai Touch massage detox

Practice for centuries by cultures around the world including ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems – detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. With a soft touch of massage using high quality seaweed extract mask from the deep sea. A gentle rub technique through the whole body giving the skin refreshing and rejuvenating after an everyday pollution either from the air, food, caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol.

90 min = 73,00 € (550,00 kn), 120 min = 86,27 €  (650,00 kn)


Thai Touch massage hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The stones used are typically river rocks or other very smooth surfaced stones made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water before use. The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels for the body. This therapy massage is only available in our salon in Mali Lošinj situated on the island Lošinj.

90 min = 73,00 € (550,00 kn), 120 min = 86,27 €  (650,00 kn)


Thai Touch massage hot stone back massage

Focus is on your back including neck and shoulders, massage is done with hot thai herbs like the whole body Royal massage.

60 min = 53,09 €  (400,00 kn)


Thai Touch massage coffee scrub

Coffee scrub has several benefits that include: exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, reduced eye puffiness, and smooth skin. Instead of using body scrubs with harsh chemicals this is a natural and health way to take care of your skin.

90 min = 73,00 € (550,00 kn), 120 min = 86,27 €  (650,00 kn)

The fixes conversion rate is 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK



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